Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Last night November 29 we  finally got rain.  Not enough to heal the drought but 2 - 8/10s is a good start. We live in a mobile home and we love hearing the rain on the roof. It usually puts me to sleep but last night I was so excited that it was raining I couldn't sleep.
We got the water drums filled back up.
 Darcy uses water from the drums for her flowers and whatever other little projects she has. It helps with the water bill.  All of these small things add up to being a huge part of a frugal  homestead. Last night with all the rain we sprang some leaks around some windows. I think it was dry so long that the chalk had maybe dried and shrank. We took the leaf blower and cleaned the little mobile home gutters out.
It is supposed to storm again tonight and tomorrow night so I don’t think I'll get it fixed before then. Hopefully ,by Friday I can get it done.

I guess my biggest worries are these two old pines.  The wind blew so hard it made the roof rumble last night. I was a little worried about them snapping off. I have seen several trees around here do that.

 They both are close enough to the house and shop area to do some real damage.  I guess I need to get serious about cutting them.

 I have a pile of old boxes I need to burn. I have not been able to  because of the drought. They have piled up out there all summer. I couldn't burn them because it kept getting dryer and dryer. Well, maybe the forestry department  will sound the all clear now that is started to rain again.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad you commented on my blog, that gave me the chance to read your blog and now I will follow your postings. I live in Texas. I wasn't born here but got here just as fast as I could (grin).

Two Cedars Micro-Farm said...

Thanks for stopping by Mr. Dizzy. My family lived in Texas when I was just a small boy don't remember much about it or why me moved. All I've known is Bama. But I here a lot of good people live in Texas.