Saturday, November 19, 2016

Every Day Homesteading

We have begun fencing in our property. It is pretty square so the property lines were easy to follow. I haven't strung wire yet but I have gotten  the corner post in and built the H braces.

 I actually started this a couple years a go. When I started putting fence post up the lady that owned the land before us and still owns the adjacent lot,  accused me of moving corner marker when they moved the mobile home in. Of course we didn't, but we had words. And that's a story for another day.
The purpose of all this is for us to start raising animals again. I think Ms Darcy misses it, and I do to. It's kind of nice to here rosters crowing and goats crying.

 I guess I missed out on catching the bees next spring. Back in the summer I spotted a bee-tree across the dirt road from the house. It was full of bees as you can see in this photo that was taken July 30th.

I first found them in early June and they were still there last week.
 But when I went to check on them today I got a big let down! This is what I found, they were gone!!

This my be the results of the severe drought we are currently in. Last count I had it's been 62 days straight with no rain. I went down to the creek this morning and took these photos. We have lived here going on 5 years and this is the first time I have seen the water not flowing in Wedowee Creek. It is just some pools of stagnant water.

This was Wedowee creek back in April.

The guy that owns the pasture across the dirt road  is probably getting worried about watering his cows