Friday, December 23, 2016

Our 1 Acre Homestead In East Central Alabama

Alabama is probably the easiest place in the US to homestead. The climate is about as mild as it gets. Summers are very warm but not overly hot, Winters are cold but we don’t have a lot of snow to deal with. During  the Winter months we try to catch up on a lot of everyday chores that get neglected during growing season.
Homesteading is not something I ever made a conscious decision to do. My grandparents on both my fathers and my mothers side of the family were homesteaders. Both grandfathers killed hogs and processed the meat. Both hunted deer, rabbits and birds. They gardened and raised their own food. Both grandmothers caned food and kept the family fed and helped with what ever the men folk needed and raised kids. Raising kids was a full time job in it self. My grandfather on my dads side had 18 kids.  My mothers had six brothers and sisters. Truth be known the women worked harder than men. Point being they passed there skills down to their kids. We never had a lot but we had all we needed, and never even knew we were poor.  
I love our little one acre homestead. We don't have to go to the extremes that they had to go through but we try to hold true to our raising. 
Darcy didn’t grow up in Alabama and didn't go through some of the things I did growing up  but to watch her work you would never know it. Since my open heart surgery she has had to take on most of the day to day chores. But it is common to see dirt under finger nails. She loves this little acre every bit as much as me. 

 The barb wire was stretched on the south side of the property  Thursday .  

We have decided to start raising chickens again so we are having to build coops again. My friend Mandel  let us have these frames all they need really is wire.  (thanks Man) 

This frame as you can tell already had a previous life as a coop We are just adding another frame to make a small (really small) chicken run. But we only need 3 or 4 hens for eggs. We've already done the hatching thing and we are over that.

Thats about it for now.


Caddie said...

A beautiful patch of woods. My happiest place to be. To have a carpenter in the family is very nice and good. First time here (I think) and I'll be back. Thank you for sharing your life.

Two Cedars Micro-Farm said...

Mr. Caddie I'm so glad you stopped by. my wife and I are just getting started with the blog. I hope you found it entertaining. we are life long homesteaders and thought we would share our trip through life. We have been following your blog also we enjoy your MUSING BY THE CREEKSIDE