Monday, December 26, 2016

The Tools We Use On Our Homestead

 This is a short list of tools and thing we use everyday here at Two Cedars Micro Farm. 

 One of the most valued tools we have on our homestead is a post driver, I have used a sledge hammer to drive post but never what you could call successfully.

 Ropes are very useful tools also. You just never know just what for, when, or why you'll need a good rope. 

A cable puller ( or what we called come-a-long when I was a young pup) has gotten me out of trouble many times.

 A good Garden Tiller is indispensable on a homestead. Ours get a good work out every Spring.

 A good dependable chain saw. Emphasis on dependable !!

 I always keep two sharp axes, a double bit and a single bit on hand for small limb removal and wood splitting. (Darcy loves to split wood) 


And everyday yard tools.


 What homestead could survive without a wheelbarrow and a utility trailer?   

 This is Darcy's toy, a band saw.

 Every homestead needs a drill press.

 Any guesses as to what this is? It's a shave horse. I use it to shape handles and things like that.

A good table saw.

 This is my work bench.

 This is a small homemade forge. it is made from a brake drum and a small blower.

And what homestead would be complete with out a scrap pile. I can't count the times I have scavenged nuts and bolts from this pile of scrap. And sometimes I might need a piece of scrap metal to mend or make something.

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